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Venom GT Run

Venom GT? What's that? Take a long hard look at this video to get a taste of the hype. If you know what the Venom GT is, watch the video anyway. Based on a Lotus Elise (oh so slightly though), it has a 7.0 twin turbo V8 beating in the core pumping a massive 1244bhp. That's right, combined with the low weight, this thing eats the Veyron SS for breakfast. And now I have to do a top speed run. Merciful heavens.

The looks alone can intimidate you.
The night before the big task, I was already getting horrible butterflies in my stomach. I was having trouble digesting those insane numbers. One thousand and fifty torques. My head will be ripped clean off well before I do a quarter mile in under 10 seconds at 163mph. The 0-60 time is scary (2.7 seconds), but the 0-100 time shows just how relentless this is. 5.6 seconds. Someone will have to mop up a huge puddle after the event I'm thinking.

And now, the time arrived. I was in the car, the stripped out interior giving me a constant reminder that this beast doesn't give a toss about your safety or comfort, it just wants to move and move quickly. Firing up the engine made me jump, my palms were sweating. I could just quit and not go through this, right? This is a car to a point where the adrenaline of speed becomes unpleasant. But then, when will I ever have another chance of this?

As the clocks ticked to T-minus seconds, I allowed absolutely no distractions. I even ignored the crew through the headset. This required maximum concentration, and then some. My eyes were fixed on the horizon which was glistening in the Autumn sunshine. It was a cool, sunny day but my god was I feeling cool? Was I hell.

5..4..3..2..1..GO! I ignored all senses to get away and planted my foot down. As my eardrums popped, it became apparent this wasn't a Veyron when it comes to speed. A Veyron feels like a normal car with time sped up by 3 times. The Venom just frightens the hell out of you for every mph you climb, the 7200rpm making itself known. One glance at the speedo - 139mph. Another glance - 204mph. Everything became a blur, even my mind. I was working that 6 speed manual like it was a life or death situation. Frankly, it is; I knew nothing could save me now as I tickled the wrong side of 250mph. I reckon if someone offered me a million pounds during those times, I still wouldn't have dare answered. And the sound. So raw. So loud.
Speedo up to 270mph? Jesus.

The end of the runway was in the far distance of the horizon. My senses were all screaming "Stop!", but the crew egged me to keep going; "This thing's got incredible brakes buddy." I really didn't know who to follow. But the end was approaching awfully quickly and so whilst doing 274mph, I jammed on the brakes, still as concious as a zombie to the surrounding world. And my god, what brakes they were. I could swear my stomach went 4 miles ahead of me. I had such force of myself on the seatbelt, it was almost painful.

But when I came to a halt, I didn't get out. I didn't want to. I had just experienced another dimension; I'm not ready to be back on Earth yet.
Venom GT Run Venom GT Run Reviewed by Jack Cooper on October 05, 2013 Rating: 5

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