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It's an attractive prospect, until you see the flesh of meat inside

Not too long ago, I visited a drag raceway in north Bedfordshire called Santa Pod. Open to the public most days for a bit of daylight robbery from your wallet, it ensures thrills by watching many cars go past you while you try to stand on a grass verge without slipping on the mud. Joking aside however, it is actually a really good day. Oh, we can brush over the fact that your legs turn to jelly from standing all day and you will chop 25 years off your life from inhaling the gases from the jet engines, because the raw thrill of the beasts racing past doing a 6 second quarter mile is impressive in every sense.

Much testosterone is needed here
And it got me thinking. How hard could it possibly be to make a drag car? How awesome would it be to make a road legal machine that would challenge a Ferrari for the fraction of the price your friend Phil paid for his red prancing horse? Just imagine; you, the car and nothing else in between your love, the garage being your love seal that nobody can break. Meanwhile, in this weird place called "Your House", your girlfriend is plotting ways to murder your car. A dragster deprives his girl. A dragster puts his turbo's needs before his girl. Heck, he would put the turbo before his children. Just imagine: "Where is Daddy taking us for holiday this year?" cry the enthusiastic children, wondering what "Daddy" looks like. The mother has bad news: "I'm sorry, Daddy spent the holiday money on a new exhaust system for his second wife."

Once that thought was in my head, every person that zoomed past made me think about their second half. Ladies, if your man is mad about his tuned up Vauxhall Corsa, he will be thinking about it non stop. When he proposes to you (with a nut from his car obviously), he will still be thinking about how he will be able to shave those last few hundredths of a second off his quarter mile time so he can beat his friend Gary.

This got more kisses than the owners fiancĂ©e 
The thought of those madly fast cars was very tempting, but throughout the day I must admit I still prefer a solid sports car. So more attractive. So less chavvy. My point was very well proven when I walked round to an area of Santa Pod where the dragsters show off their cars. One or two people were peering into each car and their engine bay, seeing the same madly stripped out interior and over-polished engine bay again and again. It was getting a bit tedious being deafened by the same exhaust note from every car; that rattly tinny sound with no real tune, just a load of noise. But then I found a Lamborghini Murcielago and Ferrari F430 in an average non-glistening condition and people were flocking in their dozens to grab a photo of them. It amazed me, these cars were probably the slowest on the site and yet were receiving the most attention. A spotty guy with a souped up Supra was clearly somewhat disgruntled people weren't viewing his pride and joy. There was only one solution. He fired up the engine, revved it and waited for everyone to come around and view this monster. But it didn't happen.

So, something can be drawn from this. These days, 17 year-olds like to mod their cars out to the extreme. I asked a few who have done this exact thing "why the hell do you do this?" and their main response was to impress women. Presumably because the last girl they had left them for spending too much time with the car. Now I am here to say it's a waste of time. Get yourself a used Mazda MX-5 and I guarantee you will have more frequent lady time.
It's an attractive prospect, until you see the flesh of meat inside It's an attractive prospect, until you see the flesh of meat inside Reviewed by Jack Cooper on November 01, 2013 Rating: 5


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