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Fighting my way to get noticed. This will not be easy at all.

Besides from the fact that I love writing articles about things with four wheels, and writing for you gorgeous people out there (aw, I know), the main reason why I have this blog is that it will hopefully be my kick-starter into the very competitive world of journalism, and even more competitive motoring journalism. I think to get into motoring journalism, you do literally need to fight - last one standing gets the treasured job.
"Please Autocar, I will do anything!"
I have been complained about for so long about how my dream job is unrealistic, and how I need to think about something more "achievable". To which I say "Screw you", people need to think high to achieve high. Thinking high does not involve cannabis.
However, they probably do have a point. Realistically, the only way I'm going to get noticed is if I went to the Autocar HQ and jumped around holding massive banners. Naked. I'd be noticed for all the wrong reasons, I can't imagine them saying "Ah, Jack is it? Would you just mind putting on a few clothes and see what you think of the new Lamborghini Huracan?"
Despite that, it probably will end up with me writing to many car magazines and newspapers with motor sections, trying to prove myself. I will become a journalistic prostitute, selling my body to get accepted by one company.
This was not by any means an enthralling post. I wasn't aiming for that. I was aiming to make my aims clearer to you lot out there. You can help me a little bit too by sharing this teeny-tiny blog to your friends via one of those newfangled social media sites. I will return to my normal, more uplifting self within the next post, don't you worry.
Fighting my way to get noticed. This will not be easy at all. Fighting my way to get noticed. This will not be easy at all. Reviewed by Jack Cooper on January 26, 2014 Rating: 5

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