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The 2006 Opel/Vauxhall Corsa will NOT have a full regeneration this year

This is quite possibly the most stupid thing I have heard this, er, year. Let's include 2013 in that too. I am sure you know what the Corsa is, but if you are from the US of A, the Corsa is one of the biggest selling cars in Europe, a compact supermini ranging from a 1.0 three cylinder to a bonkers 205bhp VXR/OPC with a great limited slip differential.
Still a big seller, but it's too old! Looks OK after 8 years
Naturally, being eight years old, the Corsa is way behind the competition. It doesn't help that this is filled with the amazing Ford Fiesta and the recent Peugeot 208 and Renault Clio. That is even ignoring the upmarket Audi A1 and VW Polo. It is fair to say that the competition has well and truly whooped the current Corsa's arse; even after a 2011 facelift with new styling and engines.
During the latter years of 2012, I was really expecting a new Corsa, especially since the Insignia and Astra are currently up there with the competition and when the announcement (finally) came in 2013, I was excited. You see, when the current model did come out in 2006, it was considered class leading. It won awards and was a show stopper for a supermini. Needless to say, I have high hopes for the new model.
It's not terrible, but not 2014 quality at all in here.
But just a few days ago, I found out that the 'new' model was just going to be another sodding facelift. This is not good. A facelift never excels the category, it may merely put the Corsa on par for a little while, but the Fiesta is due it's replacement fairly soon. Come on GM, I know better from you.
General Motors have actually ditched the Chevrolet brand in the UK to focus on Opel/Vauxhall. Their orginal plan was to make Chevy low-end to push Opel/Vauxhall up with the big Germans. Since they never reached German territory, Chevrolet seemed very pointless, especially since the Koreans were dominating the cheap market.
I really hope the Corsa gets a full regeneration very soon.
The 2006 Opel/Vauxhall Corsa will NOT have a full regeneration this year The 2006 Opel/Vauxhall Corsa will NOT have a full regeneration this year Reviewed by Jack Cooper on January 04, 2014 Rating: 5

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