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A slight overhaul

Well, if you consider a complete change of the URL, title and house colours a 'slight overhaul' that is. God, imagine if the BBC went blue, and decided to make their logo in Times New Roman? Oh, and for a nice touch at the end, wanted to be call the CBB - the Cooperation British Broadcasting. A slight overhaul indeed.

Well, my thinking was that my current name won't last very long, and something that doesn't last that long isn't very professional, right? I won't be a young petrolhead for many more years now.

New name - same old me.
So the name has gone and changed to a rather basic but easy to remember name: Three Pedals Blog, or just Three Pedals as I will be calling it. The URL has changed accordingly to too. Of course, this relates back to a car having three pedals (you have no idea how difficult it was to come up with a name that wasn't taken), the clutch, the brake and the gas pedal. I will argue all day that you cannot enjoy a car without that third pedal on your left, it's just a fact guys. I hope to stick with this name long into the future, but there may of course be many tweaks along the way.

The blog itself isn't doing too badly, but I would love to expand, so I will be working my socks off in the near future to deliver great posts and to attract some attention!

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