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Come on badge snobs, your time is over

Not that long ago, it was very easy to separate build quality of manufacturers simply by looking at the badge they are wearing. This naturally brought on many stereotypes that were true a little while ago. Just from the top of my head, Kias and Skodas are thought to be god-awful.

But now, there is a big problem that has recently surfaced. And that problem is that these stereotypes still exist. "So what?" you may be thinking to yourself, but these stereotypes nowadays are 100% bogus. Let's have a run through some manufacturers who are still criticised for no apparent reason...


Kia is really Pro_Cee'ding with their line up. Sorry, I had to.
Kia is a Korean manufacturer that made its way onto our shores only about 20 years ago. The cars they brought along were not a scratch up to the mighty Germans at the time; in fact the cars were pretty awful. Naturally, this lead everyone to think Kia is rubbish and those thoughts still apply to many people today. But this doesn't have to be so, the current Cee'd (or Cee-apostrophe-dee) puts serious threat to the current Ford Focus and even the VW Golf. The quality may not be Golf-ish, but the toys are all there and you have to admit, it looks pretty decent too with the newly founded trademark grille. The same goes to pretty much all of the Kia range, no more will you find cheap, flimsy rust boxes - you now get cars that worry the Germans. Kias people, are definitely not rubbish.


Skoda interiors are hardly tacky thanks to VW
Yes, it is true that Skoda coughed out some pretty awful cars in the not-too-distant past. The cars had no style, were slow, noisy and unsafe. So even today, Skoda drivers face endless laughter from other people as they drive along in a car called the Superb. But not many non-car people know that Skoda is now fully owned by Volkswagen. What this means is that all new Skodas are VW quality. The Octivia is basically a re-bodied Golf, and yet poor old Skody get laughed at. To be honest, the reputation is improving these days by a noticible amount, but nowhere near as quickly as it should of done. People, Skoda is a manufacturer producing German quality vehicles these days.


Vauxhall/Opel make genuinely beautiful cars
Vauxhall is actually a company that was founded in the UK, so it makes sense that we should take pride in our own manufacturer? Er, no. Many years ago, Vauxhall collaborated with the German maker Opel and Vauxhall/Opel are now part of the American giant, General Motors. GM has a bit of an iffy reputation at the best of times worldwide, and so Vauxhall cars throughout the late 20th Century and early 21st were instantly ignored, primarily because the cars weren't as good. But recently Vauxhall have been churning out some really good looking cars that are just as good (and sometimes better) than the competition, and yet the cars are ignored because they wear the Badge Of Evil. Yes, Vauxhall may not be as glamorous as BMW, but the cars they make are pretty damn solid these days.


Peugeot have always been avoided, partly because they're French (sad truth), but mostly because...

It's this or nothing.
Wait. There is still no reason why you should buy a Peugeot, unless you're out to buy a pristine 205 GTi.
Come on badge snobs, your time is over Come on badge snobs, your time is over Reviewed by Jack Cooper on February 21, 2014 Rating: 5

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