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Trying to keep up; Ferrari is in the spotlight

As the title would suggest, there is a lot to keep up with for the petrolhead recently. It seems a new car is being released every 10 minutes ahead of the Geneva show next month. Not only that, these cars that have been released have certainly raised eyebrows. The front wheel drive BMW could be a good prime example here.
The California is 5 years old now
But that is nothing for what Ferrari have done recently. The guys have just announced their first turbo powered car since the F40. Just let that sink in quickly.

Like the front wheel drive Beemer, the Ferrari California T is likely to send some hardcore fans fall to their knees and sob. After all, Ferrari have always been about recently their amazing soundtracks, with instant throttle response. Supposedly, their new blower motor will kill both of these things.

But, hold on. This is Ferrari we are talking about. Ferrari wouldn't dare make a half-arsed attempt at chucking on a turbo to a car and saying "That's fine" to a prancing horse with turbo lag. There is no reason these days why the California T shouldn't have instant response and no lag, because turbos are much more advanced these days. Did you know that all of BMW's car range is turbo'd? You wouldn't guess it, because the turbos are so modern, they don't affect anything.

Likely to get hated, still likely to be brilliant.
But that still doesn't cover the point of losing the finesse of the Ferrari soundtrack. But I think Ferrari can get round this, quite simply with musical exhausts. Fake, yes, but when they sound great, do you really care? I certainly don't.

So to wrap that up, I am certain that the new California T will behave just as well as its cousins. You also get the bonus of increased fuel economy, but nobody will give a stuff about that when they are buying a Fezza. Oh, did I mention about the new speed? The Califonia was the GT of the range (and still is), but somebody has obviously poked its bottom with something hot, since it now produces 552bhp, torque is up a monumental 50 per cent and coincidentally

the 0-60 is an impressive 3.6 seconds. Ferrari actually quote there is "virtually zero turbo lag". I doubt they're lying.

After all, the last turbo was the F40. And nobody ever said that was crap.
Trying to keep up; Ferrari is in the spotlight Trying to keep up; Ferrari is in the spotlight Reviewed by Jack Cooper on February 16, 2014 Rating: 5

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