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Why me and Ford are really starting to fall out...

Ford. They are quite a historical motor company; one of those few companies who has a very famous founder, that being Henry Ford of course. These days, they produce excellent cars, ranging from the Mustang to the F150, from the Ka to the Mondeo.

In America, people either really like Ford or they really hate the company. This is because Ford is in stiff competition with the pick-up truck and muscle car sectors, and the last thing you want to say to a pick-up/muscle owner is to say their car is crap. What this means is that if someone is fond of their Chevy pick-up, they will see Ford as a company founded by Satan himself.

Back here in the UK, where we are known to be more polite, people never really have a reason to hate Ford's. For sure, they have hiccups (I'm looking at you, Scorpio), but as a whole the range is a set of lovely mid-priced cars. This is very well reflected in the fact that the blue oval is always the best selling motor brand in the UK. But in the past few years, I have developed a small flame of hate for them, which is now a bonfire.

Some years ago, Ford bought out Aston Martin. Thankfully, they never changed the way Aston worked. They continued to build their heavy, luxurious and potent V12 GT cars, but even more important than that was that the cars remained in their same beautiful style: that back end, those curves, that grille!

Ah, the grille. Let's remind ourselves by admiring the recently released Vanquish Volante, a truly breathtaking beast of a car:

After you've wiped the drool over your keyboard, take a look at the new Ford Focus, which has been
recently facelifted. It, to be honest, is not a bad looking thing either:

But look at the similarities of that grille! Oh my good lord, it should be a crime. The problem is that Ford aren't taking a grille from some other random car brand, they are taking it from Aston Martin, a brand which prides itself in the exclusivity it offers.

Whilst this is probably doing wonders for Ford (because it does make their cars look quite nice), it is starting to really eat away at the reputation of Aston, a company that was hardly in the most solid financial state in the first place.

So going back to my title, this is why me and Ford are falling out big time. It's like if you asked them why did they copy the grille, their answer would probably be a really snobbish "because we can", and that would be that. For the sake of making their cars ever so slightly more better looking, they are eating their way through a brand. And let's be honest here, I do not see Audi taking Lamborghini hints in their cars at all.

Ford, you have disgusted me. I urge you so, so badly to use something called your 'imagination' and think of a new grille design. Quick, before you annihilate one of the best names in motoring...
Why me and Ford are really starting to fall out... Why me and Ford are really starting to fall out... Reviewed by Jack Cooper on February 24, 2014 Rating: 5

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