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Audi have made their own car pointless

Say hello to the new TT! Yes, this really is brand new.
Very recently, Audi unveiled the new TT. There is a lot to be impressed about it - albeit on the technology rather than the oily bits - and as a result, it has caused a rather large stir... on technology websites. Key features include two quad core CPU's, a rich high-definition LCD screen to show everything from your speed to the sat-nav and even clever headlights that automatically dim and follow the corner, but not based on your steering input, rather the sat-nav. For example, if there was a corner coming up, the car would tell the headlights and they would adjust to beam to that corner before you've even started steering. Very clever.

But all very pointless too, really. The TT is a sports car, not a Mercedes S-Class. Worryingly, Audi might have concentrated more on the tech rather than the driving dynamics. But that isn't the only problem.

Good god, have Audi turned into Porsche? To the casual driver, the new TT looks like nothing more than a facelift. And it looks rather conservative too, don't you think? This isn't unusual; all Audi's have been playing it safe design-wise for ages now, and while a generic look may work for the motorway cruiser that is the A6, it really doesn't suit the TT, a car that can crack 0-60 in under five seconds in 'S' trim.

The previous TTS was a very good car
So, to recap. Audi have stuffed loads of tech, but haven't been very innovative in the engine department, and they have been offensively lazy with the new car's styling. So where is the appeal of buying a new one? Won't you be just as satisfied with an older car?

Bear with me here. If you really, really want a TT, you can get a car that's maybe three or four years old for much less money. Or to put it another way, for the price of a new 2.0L TDi TT, you can get a used TTS. The last generation TT was hardly known for being unrefined, in fact the TTS was widely regarded as being a very well-mannered car on the road. I'm sure the new TDi will be very well behaved and economical, but if saving fuel is a priority, then you're kind of missing the point of owning a sports car.

Plunge for an original, get laughed at, but save so much cash
Or if you really want to save some money, you can opt for the first generation. Introduced in 1998, it was based on the Golf of its time (the fourth generation), and was widely considered to be a little iffy. The engines weren't that quick, and it quickly earned the reputation of being a hairdressers car. But if you can just about look beyond that, you still have a very decent B-road blaster. A blaster that can now be picked up for less than £4,000. Honestly, I think that is much better than spending upwards of £40,000 on a new TT.

I'll get this cleared up; the new TT isn't the only car to do this. So many new cars just aren't justifiable enough to be a worthy upgrade. For sure, if it ain't broke don't fix it, but the TT has essentially looked the same for nearly 16 years now. So come on Audi, do not disappoint us with the new R8...

Audi have made their own car pointless Audi have made their own car pointless Reviewed by Jack Cooper on March 30, 2014 Rating: 5

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