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Has Top Gear died? Latest series would suggest so...

Usually I can't wait for a new series of Top Gear to start. Top Gear is perfect Sunday night viewing; a really good blend of entertainment mixed with some facts so you can laugh and learn. And after waiting for what feels like an eternity, I couldn't wait for series 21 to start.

How much longer will this be on our screens?
I remember from a few weeks ago when the first episode of the series aired, my heart was actually beating rather quickly. Yes, I really was that excited. But soon, that excitement turned very sour, because we had on the screen a completely staged cheap car challenge that took over three quarters of the whole episode.

Now don't call me a party pooper here, but I think when you know something is obviously staged, it really doesn't become very funny at all. As a result, the first episode wasn't entertaining or factual; it was just plain annoying.

The second episode was a bit better. It featured the Alfa 4C, but yet again that race was clearly staged and acted out. It really put a weather cloud in my heart, though at least it did actually feature some cars. When Jeremy tested the McLaren P1 at a soaking wet Spa, I really felt that the clip was way too short; it was only about 10 minutes with much of that being taken driving around a sodding village. 

Now, had this been Top Gear 10 years ago, the McLaren would've featured pretty much throughout the entire episode, being compared, Stigged and just generally drooled over like a proper petrolhead. 

The series picked up a little as it advanced throughout the episodes - there was even some funny moments here and there. But I was still left cold hearted after each episode because Top Gear simply doesn't quench the thirst of a car guy anymore. The bike feature is a good slab of evidence here.

Back in the days, where they actually talked about cars!
Talking about the bike feature (in the last episode), who thought it would be great to use over a third of TG's air time showing an unfunny story of Jeremy and James riding bikes through London? I just wanted it to end, so I could see the Porsche 918 being tested by Hammond.

The road test was actually not bad, perhaps a bit loony, but the clip was still too short, just like the P1. Such a shame. Oh, and we were promised a showdown between the P1 and the 918 at the end of the series. Turned out it's now going to be June/July. We were PROMISED! I was so looking forward to it, for nothing.

So the only thing left is the special. Last year's special in Africa was pretty damn good, so if this one can be just as entertaining, then my faith will be restored. Maybe.

For now, I'm just thinking RIP Top Gear. I mean, my new favourite show is on BBC Three, and is hosted by people you've never heard of. That's how low Top Gear is right now. It honestly makes me really sad...
Has Top Gear died? Latest series would suggest so... Has Top Gear died? Latest series would suggest so... Reviewed by Jack Cooper on March 05, 2014 Rating: 5

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