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Hennessey kicked the Bugatti, but the Veyron is still king...

Ouch. If you are an American, that title is probably a bullet to your heart. As I am sure you know, last week the Venom GT beat the Veyron by quite a considerable margin. 0.5mph in fact.

The Venom is a seriously impressive beast
This seemed to make Americans very proud that they now produce the fastest car in the world, and I can see why: 270mph plus is indeed an achievement to shout about. But the Veyron is still better, I'm sorry, but it just is.

Here is why. The Venom GT started off as a fairly innocent Lotus Elise. The little Lotus then got stretched, replaced the 1.8L 4 cylinder to a 7.0L V8, and generally got upgraded all around until this beast was born. The car had only one target in mind: straight line speed, and it would sacrifice anything so it would achieve the top spot.

The Bugatti Veyron was a car conceived by VW and was built from scratch. Development took many years and loads of money, but in 2005 the Veyron was shown to the public and it instantly took the world by storm with its 1,001bhp and 255mph top speed.

Since then, the SuperSport has been released, which showcases a power boost up to 1,200bhp and a new top speed of 269.7mph. The Veyron held that record for nearly four years, but has now been stolen by Hennessey. Naturally then, the Venom should be my favourite hypercar now. But it isn't.

But this is still the superior car
You see, as I have just mentioned, the Venom sacrifices anything and everything for the speed, and that includes refinement. The Veyron, despite being pretty much just as quick as the Venom, is such a luxurious car. The interior is wonderful, there is barely any noise inside the cabin and it's almost comfortable! This means the Veyron works where you're gonna spend a vast majority of your time at: the public roads.

Don't get me wrong here, I have huge respect for Hennessey and what they have created; building a 270mph car is not easy at all. But I just prefer how Bugatti has given us a luxury car with the speed being the cherry on top.

Naturally, many people disagree with me. But I just know, if I had the choice between the two, I know what I would take...
Hennessey kicked the Bugatti, but the Veyron is still king... Hennessey kicked the Bugatti, but the Veyron is still king... Reviewed by Jack Cooper on March 02, 2014 Rating: 5

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