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The best of Japanese Imports [Part 1]

I know full well here that I am doing something ever so risky here. In the car world, there are three main car fan groups: the American Muscle, the Japanese Import and the Euro Boxes. Each group will defend to the hills why their group is the best, and will go full attack on any group that says otherwise. To stay, well, alive, I shall not be participating in a group. I shall pick out a great car from each group, and then talk about it. Simple, right? Let's have a look at my best Japanese car.

Be careful what you do to your car..
Well, let's be honest here, no matter how much you love your American Muscle, you've got to admit that Japan has produced some pretty amazing cars throughout time. All Skyline GTR's are respected more than the Lord himself, and that is brushing over the timeless classics; the Toyota 2000GT to name one.

But I want my best Japanese car to be something more affordable. After all, the idea is that you buy something dirt-cheap and then tune them up like mad. If done properly, the results can be astonishing. Done wrong however, and you can end up being a 'ricer'.

My best Japanese car is a Honda. Yes, a crummy Honda. Muscle enthusiasts are quick to point out a blender produces more torque than a vtec motor and that all Type-R's sound like they're farting. But this is slightly different. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you the Honda S2000 (or S2k for short).

The numbers alone don't sound particularly thrilling. Power comes from a naturally aspirated 2.0L 4 pot engine. But this is a 4 pot that just so happens to be one of the best sounding engines ever, revving not to 7000, not 8000, not even 8500rpm, but keeps going until 9000rpm. The only other road cars that can match that are Ferraris. Here is a little video to show what's what.

But it's not just the fact that the engine is a peach. Oh no. This is a very rare car, because it focuses on the driving and driving only. Not many modern cars do that. Distractions are to such a minimum, there is even a flap to cover the stereo.

Distractions are not allowed in the S2k. Very driver focused.
As a result, you get a driving experience that completely wins your heart. Corners are sublime with enough power for a bit of tail-sliding action, aided easily by such a responsive steering feel. Brakes are good too.

The Honda S2000 is everything a driver could ever possibly want if they lived near or at some twisting country roads. You won't win many drag races, but you'll definitely be having much, much more fun than them.

Hurry though, these things are getting rarer and more expensive each day. If you want to poke in for one, now's your time. Who knows, if you keep it in a good condition, you may make a profit come resale!

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The best of Japanese Imports [Part 1] The best of Japanese Imports [Part 1] Reviewed by Jack Cooper on March 10, 2014 Rating: 5

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