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The best of American Muscle [Part 2]

To stop people from killing me and calling me biased, I am going to pick my favourite car from each category. In case you have forgotten or are just too lazy to hop to the previous post about the best Japanese car, these three categories are the Japanese Imports, the American Muscle and the Euro Boxes. All of them have very different ideas of how to go fast. Now, let's take a look at the best American car...

I will admit right here, at gunpoint, that I am one of the smallest muscle car fans. I don't like how inefficient the Americans are with the power delivery (8.0L V10 making just 400bhp?!?), how basic the components are and the build quality.

However I am not stuck in the past, and I can easily see that America is playing serious catch-up with the rest of the world when it comes to cars. Sure, the interiors aren't quite to the German quality still, but they can now at least produce a car that would pass as 'luxurious'. But my god, please get rid of chrome wheels. Yuck.

The looks grow on me more each and every day.
Judging from what I have just said, you'd be right to imagine that my best car from America is going to be modern. Old muscle bruisers are appealing, aesthetically and audibly, but they just aren't good anywhere apart from pose city and the drag strip.

Almost by default, my favourite American muscle car has got to be the new C7 Corvette Stingray. Not the Z06, just the standard C7. Because, just look at it. Wow! It's unmistakably American, but somehow that has now become a rather good thing. From whatever way you look at it, this is one good-looking brute.

The looks (for once) actually continue when you go into the cabin. Normally, you are presented with materials made out of the kind of plastic that you hold your eggs in, and just generally inconsistency. Not with the Stingray you don't. Here, we find a high resolution digital rev counter, a large multimedia screen and a well thought out button layout.

It's no longer plastic fantastic in here!
It's genuinely a nice place to be. Not only that, according to many UK journalists, this Corvette is the first of its kind to have a well-mannered road attitude. The ride isn't harsh, and there is barely any tyre roar. Sounds like the new Corvette has gone upmarket. And the best thing is, the price is still really cheap compared to its V8 competitors.

For sure, you'd still look like a bit of a cock if you drive this in the UK, and the Germans still do refinement better. But for bang for your buck, you can't go wrong. I really disliked the C6 Corvette, but the C7 is slowly but surely converting me. A round of applause to you, America.

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The best of American Muscle [Part 2] The best of American Muscle [Part 2] Reviewed by Jack Cooper on March 11, 2014 Rating: 5

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