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Would the elephant in the room of F1 please show itself?

With the magic of BBC iPlayer, I finally managed to watch the Aussie Grand Prix in all of it's glory. To be fair, I was mighty impressed of just how well the cars worked. I really expected over half the grid to be saying their goodbyes, but in fact 14 cars managed to finish. That may not sound spectacular, but remember that this is brand new technology, so kudos to all the teams on that behalf. However, you really can't ignore the obvious...

Check out this video here. A guy shot a video of the Formula 1 cars whizzing by in 2013, and did exactly the same thing for 2014. The difference in sound is astonishing.

And when I mean the difference is astonishing, I really do not mean that in a good way at all. Where on earth has that excellent sound gone? That sound, that music has been replaced with a really dreary and scientific noise. The only good thing is that the turbo whistle under braking is pretty damn good.

But just look at the abundance of earmuffs in 2014! Do you think that the cars are too quiet, or that earmuffs at tracks have coincidentally suddenly gone out of fashion? I know what I am thinking.

Luckily, some really big cheeses are just as concerned as me. They reckon that the sound is a big role in F1 and some form of exciting noise needs to come back. I guess we'll just have to wait until 2015 then.

Until then, I shall just be sighing every time the lights go out at the start of each race.
Would the elephant in the room of F1 please show itself? Would the elephant in the room of F1 please show itself? Reviewed by Jack Cooper on March 20, 2014 Rating: 5

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