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50th post!

Back when I started in September last year, I was doing false reviews of cars. I quite enjoyed writing them as it let my imagination flow, but it soon dawned on me that writing fake reviews about cars was pretty damn pointless, because nobody wants to read a fake review, especially if it's coming from someone who can't even drive yet (by law, at least).

So then I moved on to writing car news. Again, I quite enjoyed it, but I had another epiphany: the news I was writing was already on several news sites before I published it, so there was little point writing about oldish news.

So now I've moved on to where I am now, which is taking a topic that is car-related and then giving opinions and suggestions on them. For the third time, I love writing about them, but once again my brain will probably find another reason to stop doing this too.

Thanks for the viewers and supporters I've had so far. Writing for this blog has already opened up opportunities for me to write for other sites, which I'm really grateful and excited for. Here's to another 50 posts I suppose!
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