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AMG engines in an Aston Martin is one hell of a mixture

You can't not love this
There is no getting away that I have a strong and possibly disturbing love for Aston Martin. It's a strange love too; I drool over them like I'm looking at my next KFC, but would I have one over its rivals? Oh hell no. It's a bit like saying I really like this girl, but I wouldn't dare do such a thing as kiss her. I checked with some other people, and it seems I'm not alone on that.

And the reason for that, I gathered, is pretty damn simple. Aston Martins are gorgeous looking British Brutes, but underneath? A V12 making 490bhp is positively prehistoric in a world with twin-turbo'd V8s making in excess of 700bhp. The simple fact is that you are driving something that was outdated 10 years ago.

But it's not like Aston was being stubborn and believing that 'old is gold' and [insert cliché phrase here]. Oh no, they knew that their cars were ageing, but they simply didn't have the money to rectify that. Well, they didn't have the money for it, until now.

Still going: The DB9 is now 11 years old with only 1 refresh

2013 was a very good year for Aston; revenue was boosted by 13% up to £519 million. Needless to say, they had a few pennies jingling in their back pockets, which has lead for them to announce that they will bring forward a brand new platform to develop.

And the biggest news about this new platform? Many parts will be provided by Mercedes, which includes, wait for it, engines. AHHHHHHH.

Soon to be in an Aston near you

Is that a scream of horror or is it one of the best things to land for Aston? Yes, it may be horrendous because Aston is one of the few surviving brands who build their own parts, and they are all supposedly handmade to old-fashioned perfection. Now the engines will have a bloody huge three-pointed star on them.

Woah, hush your patriotic minds. We must remember who provides the engines to the Pagani Huayra, one of the most respected cars on the market today. Yes, AMG. We must remember who builds the awesome V8's in AMG cars. Er, that would be AMG.

The Huayra is renowned for being one of the worst cars ever. Wait, no.. 

An AMG engine in an Aston would be the best things coming in one package. You have the gorgeous body, and now the gorgeous oily bits. My only concern is will Aston Martin retain its gorgeous trademark soundtrack? AMG cars hardly sound awful, but Aston was just on a whole new, orgasmic level.

I pray Astons won't lose their trademark sound

I hope you have a very successful future, Aston. I might even consider buying one, once I've robbed my local bank.

AMG engines in an Aston Martin is one hell of a mixture AMG engines in an Aston Martin is one hell of a mixture Reviewed by Jack Cooper on April 30, 2014 Rating: 5

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