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Lewis Hamilton, I hope you're prepared...

How do broadcasters describe the nose without saying 'penis'?
If you follow Formula One to even the smallest degree, you will know there have been changes aplenty. Most of them have caused harcore fans to start biting one another with much rage, because of V6 this and electronic that.

It's not just the fans that aren't happy with the new cars; the drivers themselves don't seem to be warming up to the autos that have the same engine displacement as a Ford Fiesta. Ouch. Sebastian Vettel even went as far to call them "Sh*t".

Ah, Mr. Vettel. I've always felt quite sorry for the guy, because all of his success and, arguably, domination has just been met with hisses from the crowd. It seems that you can only have so much glory time in F1, before somebody will want to assassinate you.

I bring up about success and domination from Sebastian, because he has stepped down from his role and has been replaced by someone who goes by the name of Lewis Hamilton.

A genuinely nice guy
What? Have I gone off my rocker?! Lewis Hamilton is not hated at all, put aside a seasoning of people. He is one of the most respected drivers, mainly due to his young age but also down to his championship win way back in 2008. He was very young then.

But I think the reason he is not hated yet is because this is only the start. The season has only had four races so far, and yet Lewis has won three of them consecutively. Should this carry on, then he will start to be booed at, the poor sod.

FUN HALF-WAY THROUGH POST FACT: Lewis is officially Britain's richest sportsman, with a net worth of £63 million

Arguably, it's just the fans being stupid. I mean, if Vettel won the championship, he's not going to 'chill out' in the next season because he has some silverware in his house, he is going to remain a competitive sportsman. I'm sure if you could win the lottery four times, you wouldn't say no purely because you already have five million in your bank account from the first win.

On the other hand though, F1 is a spectator sport and the crowd have every right to be surprised and dazzled. I'm not surprised they grumble at predictable results when they have to pay triple-figure sums for their entry to the event. My closest F1 track is only about 20 miles away, which means I could easily watch a race every year. But when entry into the area is £125, and to get something as simple as a seat will cost you dozens more, you can see why people expect the best of the best.

Only 30 minutes drive away!
I personally won't hate on Hamilton, he's a driver from my country and so on. But I can just see the hate for him around the next chicane, and that is a really sad thought.

FYI - Posts will not be as frequent as recent times, as I now have exams ongoing until the 23rd of June. Normal service will resume after that.

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