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Breaking News - Jeremy Clarkson is forced to respond to racist claims

It has become quite a tradition for Jeremy Clarkson to be accused of one thing or another recently. Most notably and recently, there was an uproar of Clarkson allegedly using the word 'slope' whilst describing a bridge they built in the Burma special. At the time he pointed out the bridge had a slope on it, a local was walking across it. Now I never knew 'slope' was an offensive term, and I still use the word today without someone threatening to sue me for a million pounds. Each to their own I guess.

Now what's new? The Daily Mirror (aka Daily POS) has reported that Clarkson used the word n****r during a take of his twin test of the Toyota GT86 and the Subaru BRZ. More precisely, he was using the eenie-meenie-minie-mo rhyme to choose between the two cars, with him supposedly replacing "catch a tiger by its toe" with the 'n' word. The footage was never broadcasted, with a new take with him saying "teacher" in the final version.

Have a look at this video. The fact that he mumbles the rhyme means pretty much any word is unhearable. It's quite clear he mumbled to avoid saying the word, but the Daily Mirror has still attacked venomously.

This lead to a massive uproar naturally from the media and the public, many of whom defended the BBC presenter as the words were barely audible. In the video, the mumbling is amplified and yet it's still unrecognisable. Despite this, Clarkson has had virtually no choice but to publicly respond in a video, in which he explains how he did everything he could those takes were excluded from the final cut. You can view the video by clicking the link in his tweet below.

It's a sad, sad world we live in where people pick up on things like this. He shouldn't have needed to do that. Further information has now been revealed by Jeremy himself, click here to see what's what.

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