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In The Parallel World, All Car Guys Get Along

Before I get to the nitty-gritty of this article, I have to apologise for my consistency of posts falling like a rock. Don't worry, like a proper child, I have excuses. Here we go:

First of all, I am currently sitting through the famously annoying GCSE exams. If you live outside the UK, just call them 'Very Important Tests'. This of course means I have to do some revision so I do not end up living the rest of my life on the street, which does inevitably eat up the time I would normally use to write for this.

Secondly, these exams have a knock-on effect of my overall motivation. They involve endless writing about boring things, and so when I get home the last thing I want to do is more writing [read: typing]. I'm sure you can at least kind of see where I'm coming from here.

Right, shall we actually talk about cars then?

After being a car guy for quite some time now, it becomes very clear very quickly that there are very specific categories for these machines. Keeping it simple, these categories are: Japanese, European and American. Japanese cars are all about getting as much power and tech from the smallest displacement and largest turbo, Euro cars are all about refinement and sensibleness, whilst American cars are all about the straight-line quarter miles and big V8 blocks.

All very different, which is why the community is so divided too. We have the Americans claiming: "There's no replacement for displacement", arguing that the big V8's create effortless torque. The people who support the Japanese will mock the Americans at how little power they get from such big engines, and how they can't go round corners (which is a pretty weak argument these days). And finally, we have the Europeans who will make lots of loud noises about build quality and reliability, along with fruity sounding supercars from Italy.

Just like people who support their football team, these people will refuse to be converted. But I'm just sitting here thinking: "Why can't we all love every type of car and respect everybody?" True enough, it does sound a bit Sensei-like (a bit rich coming from a 16-year-old), but seriously, think about it.

I have always believed that if you are a true petrolhead, you respect every car that is made. Sure, you may have preferences, but a true petrolhead will not dismiss a car purely because it has front-wheel-drive, or that it makes less than 300bhp.

Stop your prejudice and you'll realise what a great car this is

Plus, if you open your mind up, you get to experience every car out there. Every type of car from the 'big three' have their advantages, and to enjoy and love all of them would be amazing. For example, I really love the Honda S2000 and its revvy 2.0L engine, but I am equally itching to experience the growl of a muscle car, and the spooky quietness of an AMG S-Class Mercedes. If you are somebody who will only drive one brand, you are missing out big time.

One day, go out and try something you wouldn't normally touch. I guarantee you will love it.
In The Parallel World, All Car Guys Get Along In The Parallel World, All Car Guys Get Along Reviewed by Jack Cooper on May 25, 2014 Rating: 5

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