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Want A Speedy Shocker? Pack Your Bags And Head To New Zealand...

Though there is a pretty well developed argument that can contradict what I'm about to say, speeding is a huge influence on car accidents, often leading to injury or - worst case scenario - even death. Of course, speeding is not just the only cause for an accident (and most of the time, it is not the primary factor), but nevertheless organisations are happy to produce 'Anti-Speeding' adverts that must've cost them Much Money.

The idea is very simple. The organisations will try their best at connoting a way of saying 'speeding is bad and reckless' by making the most memorable message possible in the adverts. A quick browse through the web for these ads show that some countries really tug your heart. Others? Well they're just plain crap...

Go on then, let's start with the bad stuff first. Check out this video from the DOE (Department of the Environment):

This video clearly uses the scaremongering to try and get its point to you, which is never a great start. Of course the audience need to be emotionally tugged, but I think showing kids being supposedly squished by a Vauxhall Astra with sound effects is taking things way (with many y's at the end) too far.

But the genuinely horrible experience is ironed out with a few laughs. Firstly, quite how that front-wheel-drive Astra managed oversteer is beyond me. And look how many flips it does! Come on, if you're gonna use CGI, at least attempt to make it plausible. Not to mention the kid playing with a toy version of the Astra; car voodoo anyone?

To top it all off, the DOE unecessarily makes us look weak by saying "Shame On You", with a voiceover saying: "You can never control the consequences of speeding". Well I'm sorry sunshine, that voiceover is a bigger load of tat than Poundland; you can't be so vague on such a complex situation. A situation, as I've previously mentioned, that usually involves several factors, with speeding not being the main one.

Right. Calm down and breath. We shall now move on to a video that is pure genius in my humble and minor opinion. Have a gander at this video from the New Zealand Transport Agency:

So what makes this one different? Well, this ad makes you think twice about your driving. The previous effort was so atrocious, it couldn't really be taken too seriously. This makes you think twice by providing you with a deep alternative way of sight.

When a person speeds, they often say that they are 'in control', which I'm sure they probably are. But rather than having a message that says 'No you're not, don't be stupid', this one says in essence: 'You may be, but others may not be as prepared'.

So if a person who misjudges your speed when pulling out of the junction, you the speeder have only yourself to blame. And I don't know about you, but that really hits home hard, and it'll always make me think twice if I speed in the future when I drive.

And if it doesn't hit hard for you either, I suggest you get off the bloody road before something awful happens.
Want A Speedy Shocker? Pack Your Bags And Head To New Zealand... Want A Speedy Shocker? Pack Your Bags And Head To New Zealand... Reviewed by Jack Cooper on June 20, 2014 Rating: 5

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