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Haters Gonna Hate, Haters Gonna Win?

Clarkson laughs at the Daily Mail-reading peasants.
Top Gear is a show that most of us petrolheads know and love worldwide. Though it arguably has drifted away from cars in the past few years, the £300 million earnings still obviously prove that this is one hell of a good show.

Personally, I like Top Gear purely because it dares to be controversial. In a world where we have health and safety for playing conkers, it makes for such a refreshing viewing. But as is the pure nature of controversy, you will always have a group who are against the show. And nobody likes having a pick at them more than the UK tabloid Daily Mail.

I'm writing about this now because a story surfaced up recently on the dreaded paper's site that talked about May and Clarkson in a recent crash stunt they performed on the B4437 in Oxfordshire, presumably for the upcoming series.

 "Top Gear in fresh controversy after staging crash at scene where woman died in horrific head-on collision", the paper states. I see one very fatal flaw with this headline. If we accumulate all the years that cars have been on the road (let's say about 120), you can pretty much pick any road blindfolded and I guarantee there would've been an accident at one point near the spot you picked.

Of course, it's not nice to think of all those accidents, but it's a fact of life. Well, it is until driverless cars come along, but don't start me on that one. The excuse the Daily Mail has used is poor and just shows clear negative bias - something a newspaper should never show.

"Well May, at least it's still smiling at us"

People in the comments section want Top Gear to be axed. Well here is some food for thought: if Top Gear was axed, the money it was earning would now vanish, meaning that your license fee would significantly increase. Now you lot, go back to watching your paint dry.

Update - 17/3/15

They have won. Top Gear is axed. Let's cry together.

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