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If McLaren Were A Colour, They Would Be Beige

The moment you realise the McLaren technology centre is
shaped like their logo...
Whether you hate them or not, it is fair to all admit that McLaren has done pretty well for itself these days. Since starting itself back up around 2010, they have shown three models to the world (and are currently teasing a fourth). In fact, despite the huge investment to start up only a few years ago, McLaren are already making a profit.

Now obviously I do already have some pre-programmed love for the company; I'm British and so are they. As a result, I'm always interested in what's coming up and I really like the look of their machines (though that view is not shared by many other people, it seems). However, even I will admit that the F1 creator is missing a magic sparkle these days...

Back in 2010, McLaren decided to throw themselves into the deep end and release the MP4-12C. This was a mainstream supercar (if there ever is such a thing) with a 3.8L V8 turbo with a punchy 592 bhp. In the supercar world, that is fairly safe and mainstream. So why did this cause McLaren to go straight into the deep end? Enter the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Though the pretty Ferrari was around 30bhp short on power, it certainly made up for it in other areas. For instance, the V8 engine is not blown like the McLaren, which allows for a much nicer sound and, wait for it, a 9000 rpm redline. Wow.

This naturally aspirated engine and great looks gave the 458 a soul; something you can fall in love with. The 12C is very technical and has great computing power to optimise the car, but this has a negative effect. With all this stuff going on inside (mated with a muffled turbo sound), the 12C felt disengaged. To add salt to the wound, compare the name '458 Italia' to 'MP4-12C'. One is full of Italian flair and numbers relating to the engine, and one sounds like something that would play you the latest episode of your favourite TV show.

"It's over 9000!"

Though the 12C was a bit heartless, it was still an awesome car. It drove and handled excellently, and its pure speed was up there with the big boys. As a result, it sold rather well, which allowed McLaren to build a car that can only be described as a masterpiece. May everyone please bow for the McLaren P1.

Despite making an insane combined power output of 903 bhp, some of you may be surprised to know that the P1 uses the same engine as the 12C, albeit with slightly modified parts. The P1's secret weapon is an electric motor which works alongside engine to help achieve the crazy power output, but also delivers instant low down torque where the turbos can't deliver. You can imagine this thing is pretty damn fast. I dare anyone to say this machine is heartless.

More recently, the 650S has been announced, which is essentially a McLaren 12C with a P1 nose glued on. Think of it as a facelift to the 12C and you're pretty much there. But what's with the crappy names, McLaren? Try and come up with a sexy name, just for your old pal Jack.

McLaren have definitely evolved to be the Marmite brand; you either love their wonderful scientific ways or you hate how their cars have no beating heart. But if you hate them, it's irrelevant, because McLaren are getting more and more revenue each year. Good work, chaps.
If McLaren Were A Colour, They Would Be Beige If McLaren Were A Colour, They Would Be Beige Reviewed by Jack Cooper on July 05, 2014 Rating: 5

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