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"Rules Of The Road? What Rules?" - Supercar Driver

Touch wood, wherever there is a road, there tends to be some form of rules in force. Of course, these rules are generally enforced for the best interest of the road user's safety, despite what we may think. While 30mph in built up areas can at times feel quite tedious, you can completely understand why that speed limit is in place.

Not only do we follow the rules because our subconscious mind knows that there's sense in most of the rules in place, but because we get one hell of a fine if we choose to ignore them. Fancy coughing up several grand for speeding? I know I don't.

But there is one very small group of drivers out there who seem to have no concept at all to the road rules. They are, of course, the supercar drivers. 70mph on the motorway? That's granny speed! Making safe lane manoeuvres? Cutting everyone up is much quicker.

Now don't get me wrong, this doesn't apply to every supercar driver. I have seen plenty of considerate Audi R8s and courteous Nissan GTRs. And of course, a little prod of the throttle down a clear stretch of road is never going to harm anybody. In fact, it's a crime not to mash your foot in the carpet every now and then. But when you do see those ignorant drivers, they do tend to be in a car that was tagged with a six-figure price.

So, ultimately, what does this lead to? Well for me at least, it means every time I see a supercar on the road, I start to wonder how much of a d-bag the driver is. People think I'm jealous of the car (of course I bloody am), but their "I don't care, I'm rich" way of driving has lead to create an awful stereotype. Sorry guys, you've brought it on yourself.

Just look at this d-bag in a bus stop. Tsk.
The real sad thing about this is that I would actually be hesitant to drive a supercar in public later in life (if I had the chance to, obviously). I would imagine the joys of having your head thrown back will be completely overshadowed by other drivers staring at you with stereotypical disgust so intensely, you can almost feel the laser heat from their concentrated stare.

*Heavy breathing*

But I guess a Honda S2000 will do just nicely. Vtec kicked - OK I won't say that.

"Rules Of The Road? What Rules?" - Supercar Driver "Rules Of The Road? What Rules?" - Supercar Driver Reviewed by Jack Cooper on July 23, 2014 Rating: 5

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