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What Now?

Now what do I post?
Amazingly, I have been working on this blog for about ten months now. That will not be breaking any records of course, but to write a different topic surrounding cars every time for ten months is pretty good going for my little brain. OK, I may be blowing my own trumpet now.

I've written about just about everything I know about cars, from Formula 1 to speeding adverts. And that is the issue - I've written about everything, so now what?

Today I came across a mental block. Normally when I want to post something on Three Pedals, it involves me of having a five minute think about a subject, and then a few more minutes of expanding it out to meet 500 words or so. But that just didn't happen today. Absolutely nothing.

Just to keep it car related - hey look, a car!

Perhaps it's just the heat. Believe it or not, it's actually been pretty bloody hot in Britain for a while, which causes me to be that classic phrase of 'hot and bothered'. As I type this now, my room is a toasty 31.3°c (88.3°F). I'm sweating quite a lot, that's for sure.

Hey look, another car! Vroom vroom!

And just to keep this post car related, getting in the car is like taking a dip into hell. Black interior, black leather seats is a one-way ticket to getting a heat stroke.

So, for now, I'm putting my brain fart down to the heat. The weather is meant to cool down to something bearable shortly, so we will have to see what happens. If I can't come up with something again, posts will perhaps become less car-related and more, you know, like a bloody blog. What a novel idea.

Hey look, a bus from a game! Wait, what?

I might as well take this post space to say a big thank you to anybody who reads this blog. In a way, you are the reason why I'm still posting today. Would I still be posting to a zero audience? Hell to the no!

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