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Things F1 REALLY Need To Sort Out Now, According To You

You hear constant stories within the media world that F1 is getting declining audiences, less satisfied fans and whatnot - we've all heard it before. But these kind of situations don't just happen out of pure randomness; there has to be a trigger somewhere.

Most people would tend to agree that the FIA's love affair with some particularly iffy rules is not exactly helping the sport. Things like the virtual safety car takes away the excitement of the pack bunching back up together à la normal safety car. Others would perhaps point their blaming finger towards the constructors. Mercedes - through no particular fault of their own - have completely dominated the last two seasons and made the sport somewhat more tedious for people who don't follow the three-pointed star. 

The short-living Pirelli tyres are a particular sticking point these days

But in the grand scheme of things, saying what is and what isn't wrong with F1 right now is a very subjective manner, dependant on who you support and what you see falling under the definition of F1 itself. Therefore it's a bit too dense for me as the author to come up with all the points - it's in no way representative. Therefore, I've asked Reddit's fanatical F1 community down in /r/formula1 on what they believe the biggest issues F1 faces right now, and what they'd do to sort it all out. Here's what they had to say.

1) The nature of the hybrid systems and the restrictions on their development

"Problem: Introduction of the sports most complicated Power Train systems in history introduced at the same time as the sport's most restrictive testing and development regulations. It was easy to see that one manufacturer was going to do it better than the others - you then protect their initial advantage in the regulations for far too long.
Solution: Remove restrictive development regulations and allow the sport to function correctly rather than playing a waiting game until regulations change to see a major shake-up of the competitive order." - u/webbymoto 

2) How finance is dealt with within the sport

Problem: Wildly uneven distribution of revenue.
Solution: Assuming dictator status: Equal revenue distribution with a performance percentage (championship points) bonus. - u/EnjoyingMyCoffee
This user does note, however, that if this was to come into effect, several big names would probably quit in protest.

Mercedes recieves far more cash than some smaller teams, arguably
leading to a snowball effect of more money = faster car

3) The Promotion of F1

Marketing. I live in Canada and most people have never even heard of Formula one. How do you expect to get more fans without getting the name out to more people? - u/JCDC64

4) The over-reliance of aero in modern F1 cars 

Problem: Dirty air.Solution: Restrict aero, especially front wing. Provide more options on grip that isn't as affected by dirty air. - u/starwatto

Just as a note, dirty air is what drivers face when they're behind another car. The car in front distorts the air and therefore the aero kit doesn't work as effectively to provide grip.

A properly geeky mind had to work on this. Or a computer.

 5) The coverage

My biggest issue with Formula 1 right now is you can't escape the negativity. If you want to enjoy forums and discussions about Formula 1 you have to deal with constant negativity from one direction or another. That bleeds into the broadcasts, the announcers then mention there are fans complaining constantly, doesn't matter if there are a bunch of happy fans enjoying themselves, we can't avoid hearing about it. - u/Gian_Doe
Things F1 REALLY Need To Sort Out Now, According To You Things F1 REALLY Need To Sort Out Now, According To You Reviewed by Jack Cooper on January 10, 2016 Rating: 5

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