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2016 McLaren: Furious Judging Time

It's that time of year again which drags massively for Formula 1 fans, such as myself. We are in that period where the constructors attempt to build up hype for their upcoming cars with crappy 'teasers' - almost suggesting their car will be the second coming. It never is, but we lap it up regardless, because this is the first bit of new F1 content we have seen since November last year. McLaren have recently introduced their new car, and since I'm a hopeless follower of the team, I shall be exploring the new car a little.

Let us bear in mind that even if you think the new car is ugly, it will never beat the infamous 2014 penis era. Never forget the penis era.

I think McLaren will be the most intriguing team to watch in 2016 - even from an objective point of view. If you follow F1 even just a tiny bit, you'll know that McLaren had an abysmal 2015 season. So it will certainly be interesting to see if and how they develop for this year. The car was revealed on the 21st February, and while we can't really tell if it means it'll be faster, we can still be judgemental pricks.

Well, what can I say? Not a lot, if I'm honest. It's a very uninspired piece of design, and incredibly angular. When I think of a modern F1 car these days, I think of many aerodynamic and sexy curves (and I try to forget about the ugly post-2009 rear wings), but this is very much wedge shaped. Here's a little comparison between the new and old car:

Notice how much curvier (and in my mind, sexier) the MP4-30 is, especially at the front. Towards the rear they become somewhat similar, but if you look closely you may see that the 31's engine hump is somewhat wider than the 30's. If you need a point of reference, look at the distance between the two Esso sponsor logos. Hopefully this means they've beefed up the power unit.

It's one of least attractive F1 cars out there so far, but looks don't give you a world championship. I have my fingers crossed that for this year, Alonso and Button get to drive the cars they deserve. 
2016 McLaren: Furious Judging Time 2016 McLaren: Furious Judging Time Reviewed by Jack Cooper on February 21, 2016 Rating: 5

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