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A Quick Announcement

I suppose if there's to be one word to describe my commitment to this website over the past few months, it would be a bit 'flaky'. That, of course, is not what I want to be, but I have been facing a few barriers recently that I would like to clarify with you.
  1. University work. Oh boo hoo, I'm such a hard-done-by student, aren't I? The problem I face is that my course is Journalism, and after a day of writing and producing news stories for my coursework, I find it hard to muster up the motivation to produce a story on here, as bad as that sounds.
  2. Christmas. Another cliche I suppose you could argue, but during the Christmas period, I definitely neglected to think about Three Pedals, which is quite bad. However, I've saved the most prominent point to last.
  3. Legitimacy. I find this to be an interesting one. I have this constant nagging feeling that Three Pedals just isn't quite legitimate, not quite professional enough to be taken seriously. For sure, it holds a decent portfolio of work that can be used to show off what I'm capable of, but I've never quite been able to shake off the whole 'amateur blogger' look of it all. In my eyes, for my work to really be seen, it needs to be on a platform that's more credible and bigger - ideally not a one-man-band like this is.
This is where this announcement comes into play. I'm not officially calling Three Pedals to be hung, drawn and executed (I paid good money for the URL god dammit), but what I will say is that I will, for now, be focussing my time and effort on a new joint-venture called 3WHEELDRIVE. 

3WHEELDRIVE is an entirely new motoring website, founded by me and two other of my Journalism study buddies, who also take an interest in the industry. By working together, I believe we can create something far more powerful and legitimate than Three Pedals, and I'm essentially putting my eggs in the 3WHEELDRIVE basket, for the sake of my chase for the ultimate dream career. The work that gets posted there by me will be of a very similar style to Three Pedals, so if you have enjoyed what you've viewed here, I'd be immensely grateful if you looked at 3WHEELDRIVE, and gave it some love and support at this early stage.

As I say, Three Pedals isn't going to die - the website will still be live, but probably not updated that often for the time being. I want to thank everyone who has showed me support for Three Pedals thus far, and I'd be so thankful if you continued that support on the new platform. 

Any further news regarding what I do in the automotive journalism world will be posted here still. Thank you for reading, and please do have a gander at 3WHEELDRIVE!

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